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Computational solutions to build trust with your stakeholders

Drug discovery researchers are poised¬† to show the progresses of their research to stakeholders: investors, industrial partners, or management. The bottom line is that regulatory agencies also will need to access the data. Adequate data management helps to show that studies have been conduced according to the standard practice in the pharmaceutical industry, even before […]

Collaborative drug discovery and data sharing

Historically, it was traditional for a biotech company to work alone in taking its compound all the way from research to approval, but this has changed in the past years. Pipelines have dwindled and drug development costs have risen sharply. Since 2000, Big pharma has woken up to the idea that innovation and new ideas […]

SAR Table or how to structure data ?

Several people in your company are spending their time to re-assemble information which is already in their possession? Let’s free their time! Specialized data management solutions are made to help you to store and structure your data and to make the information intelligible. Their reporting capabilities provide data aggregation (eg, averaging), pivoting, filtering, coloring… and […]

Transparent decisions

Communication plays an important role for the motivation of your people and for the management of your stakeholders. Teach Decisions need to be understood by all the team to help your people growing, and, in the end, to let them take good decisions alone. Data management solutions provide tools that: let your people suggest ideas, […]

Release 3.8 – 05 Feb 2014

Biocorpora Allow to load biodata without extracting it from a template. The reports for complex development or clinical studies can now be added against the right compound(s) without going through the burden of extracting data to Excel, creating an assay, posting the data and attaching the CRO report. All is now done in a single […]

Release 3.6 – 22 Oct 2013

Biocorpora Enhanced user-interface look and feel. Improived error management. When an error occurs, a detailed report is generated and sent so that the system administrator can fix the source of the problem.