Do you feel you have to spend too much of your valuable time just getting to the information you need to begin your analysis process? Each day lost to bring a drug on the market means money lost for your company.

A data management system allows you to quickly access the data you need, when you need it.

Structuring data to improve decision making process

Drug discovery produces large amounts of data. All these pieces of information need to be  integrated together to be turned into knowledge useful for the project.

More than the amount of data, it is the number of sources of information that makes aggregation difficult: sequencing, affinity, batch characterisation, ADME profile, pharmacodynamics… Each time you acquire a new instrument the data is stored in a new specialized system (LIMS or ELNs). To make an informed decision you have to open each system, take the information you need, and build your report.

Structuring data in a single repository enables meaningful in-context reports to be produced easily. It is a simple task to aggregate data around a drug, a project, or a study. In brief, structuring your data is the key to take better decisions, faster.

One-stop-shop for all your discovery information

A structured repository enables the integration of multiple sources of information, still keeping the links to original sources. This database should appear to your scientist as a one-stop-shop, where he or she can be sure to find the results of all the experiments done on a compound or in a project. When details are needed, such as the raw data, he and she must be sure to find in that repository either the raw data file or a link to another database system.

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