Our software design approach is to develop and enhance Biocorpora and Scaligner based on the feedback we receive from the community of our customers. Please find after new features we have recently added.

Biocorpora 3.22 – 3 Mar 2019

  • Scaligner: added AHo numbering
  • Scaligner: change default numbering for all users
  • Scaligner: import sequence by sequence manually
  • Scaligner: display similarity and percent identity in Excel export
  • Scaligner: change default sort scoring from Blosum30 to %Identity
  • Scaligner: search region across database
  • Scaligner: search window is no more limited to 20 sequences
  • Scaligner: calculate CDR3 frequency across database
  • Scaligner: choose the order to display VH and VL
  • Scaligner: support for new species (rat, mouse, rabbit)
  • Scaligner: download original sequences for a list or for all the lists in a  a folder
  • Document: improved support for WebDAV protocol

Biocorpora 3.21 – 19 Jan 2018

  • Scaligner: handle complementary sequences
  • Scaligner: improved sequence detection (handles wildcard for amino acids an nucleotide sequences)
  • Scaligner: display PTM location in sequence log
  • Scaligner: speed up sequence analysis
  • Document: added support for WebDAV protocol
  • Document: speedup document upload in DocExplorer

Biocorpora 3.20 – 15 Aug 2017

  • Reports: improved user interface for editing aggregated reports
  • Reports: automated cache cleanup
  • Browser: optimized speed for name lookups
  • Document: added support for recursive document checkout
  • Document: added ability to document new documents

Biocorpora 3.19 – 3 Jul 2017

  • DocExplorer: added support for large files (10+Gb)
  • DocExplorer: better integration with Windows Explorer (Drag and Drop)
  • Improved session management, and improved the response to end-of-sessions

Biocorpora 3.18 – 3 Mar 2017

  • Inventory: several new functionalities for ID generation, display, search
  • Scaligner: amino acid sequence alignment
  • Document management: added a new Java WebStart plugin named DocExplorer

Biocorpora 3.17 – 18 Nov 2016

  • New compound ordering module
  • New experiment request module, based on the inventory
  • Many graphical improvements

Biocorpora 3.16 – 20 Jun 2016

  • Easier management of study reports from the interface
  • Improved report caching
  • Started migration to new modular architecture

Scaligner 3.15 – 15 Dec 2015

  • Added Kabat numbering
  • Added germline editor
  • Added germline sets to run analysis on a subset of all germlines available

Biocorpora 3.15 – 15 Dec 2015

  • Added report caching for faster report display
  • Improved user interface for report edition
  • Improved Javascript molecule editor

Biocorpora 3.14 – 10 Jul 2015

  • New graph module
  • Improved document move and copy
  • Speedup interface initialisation / reduce data transfer

Biocorpora 3.13 – 23 Apr 2015

  • New Javascript molecule editor

Biocorpora 3.12 – 03 Dec 2014

  • Improved communication between client and server on congested networks.
  • Improved look an feel and compatibility with touch screens
  • Add document drag out functionality and full export of project documents to DocTracker

Biocorpora 3.11 – 13 Nov 2014

New functionality: first release of a workflow management system.

Vulnerability disclosed by Google in SSL 3.0 labeled POODLE – 15 Oct 2014

Drugdesigntech is aware of CVE 2014-3566 SSL v3.0 POODLE vulnerability. This vulnerability affects servers still running SSL 3.0. It centers on cipher block chaining (CBC) encryption implementation and allow attackers with a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) position to derive the contents of a secure payload based on responses received from requests sent from a compromised browser to a legitimate server.

Support forum – 17 Jul 2014

A new post is added to this forum when a new release becomes available or to report incidents with the Biocorpora on the Cloud service.

Biocorpora 3.10 – 25 Apr 2014

New functionality : create a hierarchy of compounds. The hierarchy of antibodies can now be tracked between the original clone and humanized or reformatted antibody.

Biocorpora 3.9 – 12 Mar 2014

New functionalities were added to this version: added document management system including document versioning, added workspaces to share documents.

Biocorpora 3.8 – 05 Feb 2014

New functionality : allow to load biodata without extracting it from a template. The reports for complex development or clinical studies can now be added against the right compound(s) without going through the burden of extracting data to Excel, creating an assay, posting the data and attaching the CRO report. All is now done in a single step, whatever the data in the report.

Biocorpora 3.7 – 03 Dec 2013

Uses a new library to create Excel files.

Biocorpora 3.6 – 22 Oct 2013

  • Enhanced user-interface look and feel.
  • When an error occurs, a detailed report is generated and sent so that the system administrator can fix the source of the problem.

Biocorpora 3.5 – 23 Aug 2013

The fifth release of Biocorpora 3 focuses on extending the integration between the different kinds of biologicals (plasmids, proteins, strains, antibodies…).

Scaligner 1.0 – 30 Apr 2012

We are proud to announce the release of Scaligner.

Build in close collaboration with Novimmune, Scaligner identifies and aligns automatically sequences on a scaffold to accelerate sequence analysis, support decision-making and improve R&D productivity. Read more

Biocorpora 3.1 – 14 Feb 2012

Biocorpora 3.1 has been released. It contains new enhancements for the user interface.

Biocorpora 3.0 – 25 Mar 2011

Biocorpora 3.0 has been released for production on the Cloud. Many security features have been aded to enable secure sharing across the web.