Drugdesigntech develops innovative computational solutions to support drug discovery, with a focus on knowledge management and decision support for both biologic therapeutics and small molecule drug discovery.


Easy-to-install platform to share compounds and biological activity results


Speed-up sequence analysis and antibody numbering

Machine learning

Integrate and mine your data and public databases using machine learning algorithms

Services Our Clients Love


We develop and enhance our software based on the feedback we receive from our customer community.

We provide you with an intuitive software that implements what the community needs.

Being user-driven helps us to keep our prices low. We develop only the features you need and you certainly don’t pay for functionalities you don’t use.

We are scientists and IT specialists, we speak your language, and we can help…

As scientists, we understand your science and why it matters; as software developers and computer scientists we can bring your ideas to life. We focus on practical approaches that leverage IT in ways that are effective in a scientific research environment.

The Cloud data warehouse is a perfect solution for start-up enterprises, research groups and internal projects, providing industry-grade software at affordable costs.

It features the same modules as the on-site installation: sequence annotation, NGS analysis and data management with secure access from any web browser window.

You have a privileged direct access to our development team. We adjust existing functionalities or add new functionalities that will help you to solve your problems and integrate our tools into your pipeline.

Our products are designed for you to manage your data with state-of-the art tools and dedicated services at surprisingly affordable costs from the beginning of your project.

We regard proximity and responsiveness as essential! Our support team is therefore always available to keep your software running smoothly and to provide fast and efficient technical support.