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How to maximize the reproducibility of your research?

Enhancing the reproducibility of results has become a topic of many conversations within the scientific community. There is a growing alarm about results that cannot be reproduced due to the complexity of experiments or to the pressure on researchers. Reproducibility is not only a moral responsibility with respect to the scientific field, but a lack […]

The Benefits Of Streamlining Data Centralization

Posted by Stephen Jeske extract from Data Science Central So let’s say you have a business that has quite some people constantly accessing the company’s data. Furthermore, your company has multiple locations; perhaps branch or satellite offices and the people at those remote locations also need that data. That’s a lot of fingers in the […]

How to create an efficient Data Management Plan?

Before beginning a new research project, it is essential to define a data management plan that outlines practices used to collect, organize, store, and back up the generated data. A data management plan or DMP is a formal document that explains how you will handle your data both during your researches and after the project […]

Half of academics confused about open data

Survey reveals three quarters of academics have shared data despite widespread uncertainty From an article written by Holly Else The World University Rankings October 25, 2016 More than half of academics that have openly shared their data are unsure about the licensing conditions of doing so, according to a new report. The report, published by […]

Now it’s time to manage your scientific data

Data management is an essential part of responsible conduct of research. By using adequate tools for managing your data at the beginning of the project, you save time and effort later on. Also, you can be sure that the data you produce will be preserved in a clear and reuseable format. By managing your data […]

Data management services and analysis

Bioinformatics is the computer-assisted data management discipline that helps in gathering, storing, and analyzing existing data in order to better understand processes in the healthy and disease states and speed up and enhance biological researches. Drugdesigntech offers a suite of services in order to facilitate such efforts.   Data integration Integrating data is imperative for […]

CRISPR will be a huge story in 2017

The gene-editing tool’s potential to upend science is dizzying. Updated by Eliza Barclay and Brad Plumer Jan 3, 2017, 8:50am EST – From VOX –   We’re about to enter a golden age of genetic engineering, where huge advances in gene-editing technology are making it possible for scientists to tweak the DNA of different organisms […]

Imprecise research threatens precision medicine

By Spencer Phillips Hey and Aaron S. Kesselheim August 11, 2016 – From STAT – Reporting from the frontiers of health and medicine The right treatment for the right patient at the right time. That’s the mantra of what’s being called precision medicine. To date, though, imprecision medicine might be a better moniker. Precision medicine […]