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Release 3.28.39 – 22 Apr 2023

Scaligner Paired chains: when a sequence contain a domain not perfectly well aligned and a part of the other domain, Scaligner is now taking in account the content of the other chains sot assign each domain to either chain.

Release 3.28.35 – 5 Apr 2023

Biocorpora Clone registration: enable the management of properties related to the sequence, and that are shared for all the clones of a sequence Clone registration: added new format to display sequence (VH-VL) Clone registration: the protocol to analyze sequence can now be configured as standard protocols. Before, the analysis was using the default configuration parameters.

Release 3.28.30 – 9 Jan 2023

Scaligner Paired chains: when several chains are provided in one or several files for a sequence, they can be assembled based on the name of the chain. A regular expression is used to extract the sequence name from the chain name and chains with the same sequence name are paired. In previous versions of Scaligner, […]