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Release 3.25.8 – 1 September 2020

Biocorpora Added calculated properties for sequences: MW, Isoelectric point, Extinction coefficient, Theoretical absortion. Biocorpora (clones) When editing a clone sequence, it is now possible to automatically update the regions in the form before submitting the sequence. Scaligner Improved navigation between standard sequence lists and NGS experiments Scaligner (NGS) Enable sample processing from the web interface. […]

Release 3.26 – new features in development

Biocorpora Improved change tracking in registration module. All the editable fields about a registered entity are traced. Change tracking of registered entities has been improved. Unmodified fields are not listed in the change tracking report. Added more explicit error messages when a required value is missing from a form. Reviewed the management of error messages. […]

Release 3.25.1 – 8 July 2020

Biocorpora Added support for multiple data sources in reports. Until version 3.24, reports were based on a single data source, it was therefore necessary to have all the data in the same database view. A report can now contain nested reports based on multiple data sources. The main benefit is to reduce the number of […]

Release 3.24.12 – 5 June 2020

Scaligner Added humanness scores to the Excel export file. Fixed display issue with humanness graphs in Chrome. Bug fix in AHo numbering. Enable gap suppression in consensus sequence in the clustering module. Scaligner (NGS) Limit the number of CDR3 shown in a clonotype.

Release 3.24.5 – 25 may 2020

Scaligner Update for clustering module Clusters start with #1 instead of #0. Added the functionality to select all the sequences of a cluster, and send them to the alignment window Improved the Excel clustering report (title, headers, full length consensus sequence) Added tooltips for sequence selection and sorting.

Release 3.24 – 19 may 2020

Scaligner After many new functionalities have been added over the last years, Scaligner’s source code is reviewed in depth to provide a consistent and more user friendly display of the information. A new option has been added prevent fixing automatically frameshifts during the processing of sequences. When fixes are allowed (behavior until 3.23), some nucleotides […]

Release 3.23 – 4 Feb 2020

Scaligner (NGS) New module to analyze and visualize NGS data based on clonotype analysis The NGS module can analyze millions of antibody sequences from several animals Sequences are processed by Scaligner using a procedure similar to the one described by Trinklein et al (in section “Variable region amplification, sequencing, and clonotype analysis”). Clonotypes are stored […]

Release 3.22 – 3 Mar 2019

Scaligner Added AHo numbering Change default numbering for all users Import sequence by sequence manually Display similarity and percent identity in Excel export Change default sort scoring from Blosum30 to %Identity Search region across database Search window is no more limited to 20 sequences Calculate CDR3 frequency across database Choose the order to display VH […]

Release 3.21 – 19 Jan 2018

Scaligner handle complementary sequences improved sequence detection (handles wildcard for amino acids an nucleotide sequences) display PTM location in sequence log speed up sequence analysis Documents added support for WebDAV protocol speedup document upload in DocExplorer