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Release 3.28.4 – 2 May 2022

Scaligner Improve liabilities identification and reporting: Define new liabilities from the user interface Categorize liabilities (PTM of different priorities, STOP codons, immunogenicity‚Ķ) Customize the color used to display liabilities (one color by category) Prioritize categories: in case one amino acid is part of several liabilities, the color of the highest priority is used Improve the […]

Release 3.27.40 – 14 mar 2022

Scaligner BugFix: large deletions (more than 3 bases deleted) in the test sequence were not reported correctly in the Sequence windows, and were preventing other flags from being displayed. Infrastructure Apache version update

Release 3.27.39 – 3 Mar 2022

Scaligner Include numbering labels in Excel file exported from the alignment window. Improve Javascript in Web interface to support alignment of 1000+ sequences in reasonable time. Add access to “Protocols” and “AB1 import” in the menu bar. Enable the customization of the error message email sender to enable relaying in some environments. Chromatogram viewer: Merge […]

Release 3.27.9 – 16 Sep 2021

Scaligner Frequency analysis: added ability to specify in which list of sequences the CDRs must be searched. Until now, they were searched in all the database. Frequency analysis: added ability to select the list of regions to search. Until now, only HCDR3 and LCDR3 could be searched. Similarity search: added ability to specify in which […]

Release 3.27.0 – 1 June 2021

Biocorpora Support date format in reports for items of type DATE. Scaligner Sequences can be searched by name across all the database. Sequences can be searched by subsequence across all the database. Improved the similarity search: until version 3.26, only FR or CDR could be searched. Starting from this version, one can search by similarity […]