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Release 3.20 – 15 Aug 2017

Scaligner improved user interface for editing aggregated reports automated cache cleanup Compound browser optimized speed for name lookups Document added support for recursive document checkout added ability to document new documents

Release 3.18 – 3 Mar 2017

Inventory several new functionalities for ID generation, display, search Scaligner amino acid sequence alignment DocExplorer added a new Java WebStart plugin named DocExplorer to access the document stored in the database

Release 3.15 – 15 Dec 2015

Scaligner Added Kabat numbering Added germline editor Added germline sets to run analysis on a subset of all germlines available Biocorpora Added report caching for faster report display Improved user interface for report edition Improved Javascript molecule editor

Release 3.12 – 03 Dec 2014

Biocorpora Improved communication between client and server on congested networks. Improved look an feel and compatibility with touch screens Documents Add document drag out functionality and full export of document folders