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Release 3.8 – 05 Feb 2014

Biocorpora Allow to load biodata without extracting it from a template. The reports for complex development or clinical studies can now be added against the right compound(s) without going through the burden of extracting data to Excel, creating an assay, posting the data and attaching the CRO report. All is now done in a single […]

Release 3.6 – 22 Oct 2013

Biocorpora Enhanced user-interface look and feel. Improived error management. When an error occurs, a detailed report is generated and sent so that the system administrator can fix the source of the problem.

Release 3.4 – 1 Oct 2012

Biocorpora Web interface security has been improved by conforming to OWASP Top Ten rules. Improved web page delivery by generating less server requests, using compressed html, js and css. Converted synchronous ajax requests into a asynchronous requests. Merged the compound view and the compound list management interfaces. Added tool to view all the results in […]

Release 3.3 – 30 Apr 2012

Scaligner Developed a ew tool for sequence alignment has been developed. This is the initial release. Build in close collaboration with Novimmune, Scaligner identifies and aligns automatically sequences on a scaffold to accelerate sequence analysis, support decision-making and improve R&D productivity. Read more