• Added support for stoechiometry in sequences in Biocorpora MAB. When a sequence contains multiple chains, the ratio between each chain is not limited to 1:1.
  • Updated sequence search engine to handle stoechiometry: exact search now requires equal stoechiometry for all sequence chains. Let A and B be two peptide chains. If sequence S1 contains chains A and B, sequence S2 contains 1 A and 2 B and sequence S3 contains 2 A and 2 B, then S1, S2 or S3 do not match each other: S1 and S2 do not have the same ratio, and S1 and S3 do not have the same molecular weight.
  • Updated calculation of sequence properties to take stoechiometry in account (MW, Extinction coef. Abs 0.1% and pI).