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Biocorpora: Opening new doors after a failed project

The pharmaceutical industry is facing a real challenge. R&D efficiency declines fairly steadily, late stage attrition is high and drug development is costly. The biotech’s profitability is also under pressure as R&D budgets become increasingly strained. A possible solution known as “quick-kill strategy” consists in reducing R&D costs by terminating failing projects earlier in the […]

Beyond file sharing and document repository

Pharmaceutical industry and biomedical research generates tons of data every day. But researchers find it difficult to analyze data from many different sources because it is fragmented into multiple computers and files. Numerous spreadsheets and files make it difficult to manage access, sharing and aggregation of data, or, worst, prone to error. Data warehouses are […]

Data warehousing: Create value with efficient data management

Biotech companies work with large amounts of scientific data, data not only from internal operational systems such as ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook), LIMS (Laboratory information management system) or compound logistics software, but also from external sourcing and various lab devices. Data by itself is not enough. Today’s biotech companies need to consolidate data from multiple […]

Release 3.12 – 03 Dec 2014

Biocorpora Improved communication between client and server on congested networks. Improved look an feel and compatibility with touch screens Documents Add document drag out functionality and full export of document folders

LIMS, ELN, and KMS – Databases to manage scientific data

In the late 1960’s, managing data has become an essential component of drug discovery and development. Technology advances made it possible to collect more data more easily and, today, scientists are submerged by a data deluge. Manual compilation of results and report writing require a substantial amount of time and, in a business context, these […]

CVE 2014-3566 SSL v3.0 POODLE vulnerability

This vulnerability affects servers still running SSL 3.0. It centers on cipher block chaining (CBC) encryption implementation and allow attackers with a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) position to derive the contents of a secure payload based on responses received from requests sent from a compromised browser to a legitimate server. This vulnerability has been removed from our […]

Reusing your data for rational decisions

What become data after being generated? Access to data and re-use must absolutely be considered. Olga Kennard said many years ago that the foundation of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Center fulfilled a dream she shared with J.D. Bernal. They “had a passionate belief that the collective use of data would lead to the discovery of […]