Pharmaceutical industry and biomedical research generates tons of data every day. But researchers find it difficult to analyze data from many different sources because it is fragmented into multiple computers and files. Numerous spreadsheets and files make it difficult to manage access, sharing and aggregation of data, or, worst, prone to error.

Data warehouses are built to streamline the process of collecting, validating, storing, aggregating and sharing of your biological data, providing an access from a single, powerful platform.

The first step toward discovery is organization. Data warehouses cleanup the messy data silos, by concentrating your existing data sources into a centralized hub. Not only your data is stored and secured, but you can search and utilize all aspects of your data rightaway.


The first benefit for users is to reduce massively the time spent to search for data from various systems or files. They can also easily and quickly search for simple facts or quickly create complex filters to search for just that specific piece of relevant data.

It increases productivity because researchers do no more duplicate experiments. Data is not lost anymore, it remains at the scientist’s fingertips.

It increases data quality because data processing is standardized across your organization, everyone understands the results. It also facilitates the sharing of information with partners.

All the information is at your disposal, all the time.

Data warehouses for drug discovery and development

Each industry generates its own data and follows specific processes. Drug discovery and development has its own requirements. Namely, managing entities such as molecules, proteins, antibodies, cells and the associated biological data. Also some data needs to structured and later aggregated, other pieces of data need only to be indexed and documents stored.

Biocorpora is truly versatile, capable of managing a massive number of data types and entities in different case by case scenarios. Data storage, management, access and integration can be fully customized to fit your organization’s specific data producing workflows. And it is all in an easy-to-use web interface that can be accessed securely from the web or stored locally behind your own security measures and own data backup centers.

Make sense of your data, because data alone is not knowledge!

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