Historically, it was traditional for a biotech company to work alone in taking its compound all the way from research to approval, but this has changed in the past years. Pipelines have dwindled and drug development costs have risen sharply. Since 2000, Big pharma has woken up to the idea that innovation and new ideas can come from anywhere and outsourcing, open innovation and collaboration have a real impact in drug discovery programs.This is a positive change but this brings a whole set of challenges. Research groups need to share information across multiples sites to empower all their partners.

Commercial solutions are usually too expensive while software that does not fit the need make managing data and collaboration more difficult.

Cloud-based solutions provide a secure, low-cost framework to store and share information, easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use.

Biocorpora on the Cloud provides an answer to this problem. It is accessible anywhere. Data from any source can be uploaded and managed easily in the project’s repository, allowing groups to privately organize, track and mine research data.

Project-based data sharing

Just like e-datarooms are used to share a documents between privileged partners, collaborative drug discovery solutions handle several projects independently. You can control who has access to data or not, and partners will only see the information they are allowed.

Powerful indexing

When you import data, Biocorpora automatically associates data to the right molecules, studies or assays, and detects any inconsistency in the data you entered.

The documents and reports you have gathered become easily accessible by molecule, study or assay and you can find them to support decisions.

Quick access to data

From the browser, you can view molecules and experimental data. With a single click, you can search data, import data and share documents.

You can also track updates, from the web interface or receive emails as soon as new data becomes available.

Brilliant reporting

The data stored in Biocorpora relational’s database can be aggregated, pivoted and displayed in the web browser or, if you want to analyze in a third-party tool, it can be  exported in multiple formats (text or Excel file, SD file, FASTA file…).

Quick installation

These solutions are web-based. They are using the secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS) to communicate between the client and server on the Cloud. There is nothing special to install on your computer, you only need a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari…).

High security

All the information transits over the internet encrypted. The web server is monitored, and the configuration is regularly reviewed by external services. Biocorpora obtains the highest grade in these tests. Moreover, the application implements state-of-the-art procedures for authentication and session management.

Professional backups

With more than 15 years experience in daily database administration, we have implemented several lines of backup, a disaster recovery plan to keep your data secure even the unlikely event of fire or water flood.

Despites the fact that your data is on the Cloud, we offer you the tools to export yourself all your data in a universal format (text files and original document), so that you are not captive of a single vendor.

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