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IMGT CDR rearrangement

When a sequence is quite dissimilar from any germline, the alignment algorithm tends to add gaps here and there to increase similarity with the choosen germline. From 3.24, a post-alignment procedure enables aminoacid rearrangement to make the CDR look like an IMGT CDR, even when the alignment has created gaps in the CDR. This procedure […]

Issue June 2017

Half of academics confused about open data? More than half of academics that have openly shared their data are unsure about the licensing conditions of doing so, according to a new report. The report, published by Figshare, a sharing site used by researchers, finds widespread uncertainty about the extent to which shared data can be […]

Issue January 2017

  Best wishes for 2017 All the Drugdesigntech team wishes you a happy new year, full of innovation, successful projects, and fruitful collaborations read more Now it’s time to manage your data Data management is an essential area of responsible research. Before starting a new research project, the principal investigators and the research teams should […]

Issue November 2016

Imprecise research threatens precision medicine The right treatment for the right patient at the right time. That’s the mantra of what’s being called precision medicine. To date, though, imprecision medicine might be a better moniker. Precision medicine aims to be a transformative paradigm that moves away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach in which treatments work for […]

Issue Septembre 2016

Can you teach old drugs new tricks? Faced with skyrocketing costs for developing new drugs, researchers are looking at ways to repurpose older ones — and even some that failed in initial trials. read more How overcome the challenges of DRPx strategies? Drug Repurposing (DRPx), also commonly referred to as Drug Repositioning or Drug Rescue, […]

Issue July 2016

How to Survive the Valley of Death as a Biotech Startup? Contributing post from Peter Machin, former SVP Drug Discovery at GSK- La Biotech Juin 2016 Over the past decade there has been an unprecedented restructuring of R&D in pharma whereas building a successful biotech company is still as challenging. How can these two elements […]