Half of academics confused about open data?

More than half of academics that have openly shared their data are unsure about the licensing conditions of doing so, according to a new report. The report, published by Figshare, a sharing site used by researchers, finds widespread uncertainty about the extent to which shared data can be accessed or reused. read more

How to create an efficient Data Management Plan?

Before beginning a new research project, it is essential to define a data management plan that outlines practices used to collect, organize, store, and back up the generated data.

A data management plan or DMP is a formal document that explains how you will handle your data both during your researches and after the project is completed. It also outlines the rights and responsibilities of all project participants as to their roles in the management and retention of research data generated during the project. read more

Cancer scientists are having trouble replicating groundbreaking researchs

Replication has emerged as a powerful tool to check science and get us closer to the truth. Researchers take an experiment that is already been done, and test whether its conclusions hold up by reproducing it. The general principle is that if the results repeat, then the original results were correct and reliable. If they do not then the first study must be flawed, or its findings false. But there is a big wrinkle with replication studies : they do not work like that. read more

How to maximize the reproducibility of your research?

Enhancing the reproducibility of results has become a topic of many conversations within the scientific community. There is a growing alarm about results that cannot be reproduced due to the complexity of experiments or to the pressure on researchers.
Reproducibility is not only a moral responsibility with respect to the scientific field, but a lack of reproducibility can also be a burden for your own organization.
A good practice of reproducibility is necessary in order to extend previously developed methodology to new applications or new data, or to allow reuse of results for new projects with a minimum of effort and cost. read more

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