Best wishes for 2017

All the Drugdesigntech team wishes you a happy new year, full of innovation, successful projects, and fruitful collaborations read more

Now it’s time to manage your data

Data management is an essential area of responsible research. Before starting a new research project, the principal investigators and the research teams should address issues related to data management. By using adequate tools for managing your data at the beginning of the project, you save time and effort later on. Also, you can be sure that the data you produce will be preserved in a clear and reuseable format. read more

Data management services and analysis

Bioinformatics is the computer-assisted data management discipline that helps in gathering, storing, and analyzing existing data in order to better understand processes in the healthy and disease states and speed up and enhance biological researches. Drugdesigntech offers a suite of services in order to facilitate such efforts. read more

Upcoming events

A selection of upcoming life-science conferences