Can you teach old drugs new tricks?

Faced with skyrocketing costs for developing new drugs, researchers are looking at ways to repurpose older ones — and even some that failed in initial trials. read more

How overcome the challenges of DRPx strategies?

Drug Repurposing (DRPx), also commonly referred to as Drug Repositioning or Drug Rescue, emerged primarily in the early 1990s as an alternative to conventional de novo DDD. DRPx is defined more specifically as the process of finding new indications for approved drugs, abandoned or shelved compounds and candidates under development. DRPx is a complex process which requires a myriad of technologies. Drugdesigntech offers a suite of tools and services in order to facilitate such efforts. read more

New methods, requirements have changed data sharing among life science researchers

Measures instituted in recent years to encourage the sharing of scientific information appear to have reduced the overall level of withholding of data and materials among academic life science researchers. …”The good news is that we are seeing more exchanges of information, making it easier for new research to build on existing findings. But we also found that, since most of these exchanges are happening through third parties – online journal supplements or data repositories – we are witnessing fewer person-to-person collaborations among scientists.” read more

Biocorpora: a collaborative tool to leverage internal cooperation

When we talk about collaboration or knowledge sharing, we often refer to external collaboration. The fact is that there are two types of collaboration: internal and external. The goal with both types of collaboration is very similar: get people to work together in a way that provides tangible benefits to common projects, while facilitating achievement of business objectives. read more

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