When we talk about collaboration or knowledge sharing, we often refer to external collaboration. The fact is that there are two types of collaboration: internal and external. The goal with both types of collaboration is very similar: get people to work together in a way that provides tangible benefits to common projects, while facilitating achievement of business objectives.

Collaborating externally builds relationships with partners in order to gain insight from investigators with many different backgrounds.

Collaborating internally allows the company to enhance its core capabilities. It connects people and cultivates a sharing culture, thereby increasing team productivity, leveraging knowledge that exists within the company and reducing decision-making times.

Biocorpora: Bring together multi-source information into a central repository

Within a research program, collaborating groups need a common tool to collect and store all information generated during a project. Biocorpora is a central repository in which all compound batch information and biological data are integrated. This valuable data management tool provides a better picture of the state of a project and also a trustful source of information including raw data, the way how data were generated, experimental results, associated reports.

Using a common tool is a good way to share information internally and be sure that if a scientist leaves the company, or if a project fails, data lives on and you can easily retrieve information and review data from past projects.

Choosing Biocorpora also proves that your company works in a professional manner. It can give a complete historic and show the progression of the project (number of biological tested, number of batch produced by month, number of assays) that can be used to convince potential partners or external collaboration.

Biocorpora: Get people to work together

Using a common tool supposes a real commitment to work together. But collaborating with others has never been easier. How to find a great way to boost team collaboration? How to convince people to use collaborative tool or to work differently?
The best way is to provide an easy-to-use platform which takes in account what is really important for collaborative work.


Communication is the one of the most important elements to a strong team performance. In Biocorpora, all team members are actively encouraged to launch ideas, to create their own compounds selection list, to write comments or give opinions about a compound or about assays reports.


Awareness is an understanding of the activity of the others. A lack of awareness results in duplicate or neglected tasks. In Biocorpora, various methods of promoting awareness have been implemented such as sending a notification whenever a document is modified or when new data is posted.


The ability to see all details for a project is a good way for project productivity because it helps people to anticipate, prioritize and coordinate their work. Biocorpora gives a complete picture for a project, the work already done (assays, results) and give some prioritization for the next steps.


The very nature of collaborative work requires that an application provides a sort of protection for accomplished work. Biocorpora proposes advanced permission management and document version tracking to view and compare document changes and to easily restore deleted files.

Working together can be a real challenge, because it is always difficult to change the way people work. But in these challenging economic times, internal collaboration is essential to take cost, time, and redundancies out of businesses and to enhance productivity. Using a valuable collaborative database as Biocorpora enhances communication among the team, gives a perfect picture for the project and helps to prioritize and coordinate team work.

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