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Release strategy

The versioning scheme uses the format: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH MAJOR: API incompatible changes will increase this number. Changes that expect the database to be at a minimum version will also increase this number. MINOR: addition of new large features or important modification of existing features will change this number. Features impacted by the changes are always QCed […]

Zombie POODLE and GOLDENDOODLE vulnerabilities

Early 2019 new vulnerabilities like Zombie POODLE, GOLDENDOODLE, 0-Length OpenSSL and Sleeping POODLE were published for websites that use CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) block cipher modes. These vulnerabilities are applicable only if the server uses TLS 1.2 or TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.0 with CBC cipher modes. SSL Labs discourages the use of CBC-based cipher […]

Release 3.22 – 3 Mar 2019

Scaligner added AHo numbering change default numbering for all users import sequence by sequence manually display similarity and percent identity in Excel export change default sort scoring from Blosum30 to %Identity search region across database search window is no more limited to 20 sequences calculate CDR3 frequency across database choose the order to display VH […]

Release 3.21 – 19 Jan 2018

Scaligner handle complementary sequences improved sequence detection (handles wildcard for amino acids an nucleotide sequences) display PTM location in sequence log speed up sequence analysis Documents added support for WebDAV protocol speedup document upload in DocExplorer