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Scaligner: speed-up sequence analysis and antibody numbering

Scaligner is a flexible system for antibody sequence analysis. It automates the sequence annotation process of candidates antibodies produced by high-throughput screening, cloning and sequencing. In addition, sequences and annotations are stored in a relational database and can be shared securely with your team. NGS data analysis is using a powerful clustering method that will […]

Biocorpora: an easy-to-install platform to share compounds and biological activity results

Biocorpora provides unique decision-support and data management tools for researchers working in drug discovery. Biocorpora is a complete solution for registering compounds and tracking batches of small molecules, antibodies, proteins, plasmids and other entities, and for sharing biological results and study reports from screening to preclinical development. Biocorpora is also a central knowledge repository to […]

Data management services and analysis

Bioinformatics is the computer-assisted data management discipline that helps in gathering, storing, and analyzing existing data in order to better understand processes in the healthy and disease states and speed up and enhance biological researches. Drugdesigntech offers a suite of services in order to facilitate such efforts. Data integration Integrating data is imperative for the […]