scalignerScaligner is a tool for storing sequences in a secure repository, aligning sequences onto a scaffold (eg, germline or protein scaffold), displaying alignments and preparing lists of promising sequences.

Analyzing sequences is a tedious task. Built in close collaboration with Novimmune, Scaligner identifies and aligns automatically sequences on a scaffold to accelerate sequence analysis, support decision-making and improve R&D productivity.

Sequence analysis

Upload thousands of sequences into the web interface. For each sequence, regions are identified using user-defined templates and rules, and the sequence is annotated. Scaligner will for instance identify CDRs and framework regions in ScFv sequences.

Scaligner is not limited to ScFv sequence analysis. The process for identifying the regions can be applied both to nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and to any type of scaffold.

Template edition

The templates on which sequences are aligned (eg, germlines) can be edited. You can add your own sequences, and choose which templates are used for a given analysis.

Antibody numbering

Scaligner supports IGMT and Kabat numbering for antibodies.

Fast alignment on multiple criteria

Sort sequences by region (CDR1, CDR3…), mark sequences, highlight mutations, show duplicate regions, silent mutations, highlight sequences with frameshifts.

Secure sequence archiving

Scaligner is also a long-term repository for all your projects. The sequences and the annotations are stored in a secure database, with controlled access.

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