Biocorpora is a central repository in which compound information and biological data are integrated together for both operational and strategic decision-making. Biocorpora is either available as an inhouse installation, or on the Cloud. In both case, security is primordial for us.


Access to Biocorpora database requires a valid username and password. Alternatively a client certificate can be used. Client certificates offer a higher, password-free authentication. A combination of both procedures can be implemented as well. Biocorpora can validate passwords against an internal database or against your own infrastructure (e.g., LDAP).

The implementation of authentication in Biocorpora follows the recommendations of The Open Web Application Security Project.


Encrypted Internet traffic

All the information transits over the internet encrypted. The web server is monitored, and the configuration is regularly reviewed by external services. Biocorpora obtains the highest grade in these tests.


It is primordial to keep your data confidential, but sometimes external partners are involved in your research activities and need to access some part of it. How to control access to your data? How to decide who can see what? Biocorpora uses state-of-the art procedures to preserve your data.

In Biocorpora, the level of access is driven by a discussion with the data owner to set global permissions for an authorized user or group of users. Biocorpora can secure access to both specific projects or functionalities.

Project-based data sharing

Just like e-datarooms are used to share documents between privileged partners, collaborative drug discovery solutions handle several projects independently. You can control who has access to project’s data or not, and partners will only see the information they are allowed.

Functionalities-based data sharing

After the user is granted access to Biocorpora, what he or she can do to the data depends on what functionalities have been set for the account. You can set up an account with all functionalities, no functionalities, or anything in between. For instance, for collaborative work, you want the external partner to be able to see the information but not change this information.

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