Sometimes, sensitive and confidential data must be safeguarded by restricting access while, at the same time, one needs to enable data sharing for collaborative research or external cooperation. How to find the best way between open sharing models and exclusively closed access? Open and private sharing models can coexist to promote collaboration while safeguarding intellectual property ( 20/11/2015 Samuel K. Sia and Matthew P. Owen)

To give people only the access they need is primordial. You need to control access to the information; you need to decide who can see the data and who can change it.

Fortunately, Biocorpora provides a security system for protecting your data. A secured access control ensures that authenticated users access only what they are authorized to and no more. Drugdesigntech uses a wide range of techniques to help secure access to Biocorpora database.


The purpose of authentication is to verify the identity of the user who is attempting to interact with your database and whether he is allowed to do so. Biocorpora uses several strategies to identify the user, such as an account user name and password pair, or client certificates.

When a user attempts to connect to Biocorpora and execute a statement, the system checks the validity of the account name and password or the certificate. If everything checks out, the connection is accepted.


The purpose of authorization is to ensure that authenticated users have access to the functionality and information that they require and no more. In Biocorpora, setting the level of access is driven by a discussion with the data owner. Biocorpora can secure access to both specific project and functionalities.

One can define collection of users or group of users, and assign permissions to these groups. Each user is then allowed or not allowed to perform a specific operation in the database, such as browsing, appending, modifying, moving or deleting some kind of data.

Biocorpora checks whether the account has the required permission to execute the specified statement. If it does, the system executes the statement.

As a conclusion, to address the centrality of intellectual property in biotech innovation, sharing platforms can be structured in flexible manners and need not be exclusively open or closed” (Samuel K. Sia and Matthew P. Owens). A controlled sharing model presents an opportunity for a large number of scientists to pursue promising cooperative work for further fruitful researches.

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