Release 3.4 – 1 Oct 2012


  • Web interface security has been improved by conforming to OWASP Top Ten rules.
  • Improved web page delivery by generating less server requests, using compressed html, js and css.
  • Converted synchronous ajax requests into a asynchronous requests.
  • Merged the compound view and the compound list management interfaces.
  • Added tool to view all the results in an assay.

Biocorpora (MAB)

  • Configured new Biocorpora sample application to manage monoclonal antibodies (hybridridoma, subclones and production batches)

Biocorpora (Protein)

  • Configured new Biocorpora sample application to manage protein production (cells, plasmids and proteins batches)


Release 3.3 – 30 Apr 2012


  • Developed a ew tool for sequence alignment has been developed. This is the initial release. Build in close collaboration with Novimmune, Scaligner identifies and aligns automatically sequences on a scaffold to accelerate sequence analysis, support decision-making and improve R&D productivity. Read more

Release 3.1 – 14 Feb 2012


  • Enhancements in the user interface.

Release 3.0 – 25 Mar 2011


  • Release for production on the Cloud. Many security features have been added to enable secure sharing across the web.