Release 3.22 – 3 Mar 2019


  • added AHo numbering
  • change default numbering for all users
  • import sequence by sequence manually
  • display similarity and percent identity in Excel export
  • change default sort scoring from Blosum30 to %Identity
  • search region across database
  • search window is no more limited to 20 sequences
  • calculate CDR3 frequency across database
  • choose the order to display VH and VL
  • support for new species (rat, mouse, rabbit)
  • download original sequences for a list or for all the lists in a  a folder


  • Document: improved support for WebDAV protocol

Release 3.21 – 19 Jan 2018


  • handle complementary sequences
  • improved sequence detection (handles wildcard for amino acids an nucleotide sequences)
  • display PTM location in sequence log
  • speed up sequence analysis


  • added support for WebDAV protocol
  • speedup document upload in DocExplorer

Release 3.20 – 15 Aug 2017


  • improved user interface for editing aggregated reports
  • automated cache cleanup

Compound browser

  • optimized speed for name lookups


  • added support for recursive document checkout
  • added ability to document new documents

Release 3.19 – 3 Jul 2017


  • added support for large files (10+Gb)
  • better integration with Windows Explorer (Drag and Drop)

Base plateform

  • improved session management, and improved the response to end-of-sessions

Release 3.18 – 3 Mar 2017


  • several new functionalities for ID generation, display, search


  • amino acid sequence alignment


  • added a new Java WebStart plugin named DocExplorer to access the document stored in the database