Biocorpora provides unique decision-support and data management tools for researchers working in drug discovery.

Biological results are imported into the database as raw documents and also as structured items that are used to index,  to group data, to calculate averages and to build report tables.

Documents indexing

Documents are indexed to enable fast retrieval. In a few clicks, you can access from the compound name, batch name, assay protocol, or study name. You enter metadata when a new document is loaded.


Report building

All experimental details (protocol, date, operator, results) are loaded and validated to enable the comparison of results. Report tables can be generated to have a clear vision and to summarize characterization for one or more compounds. Biocorpora calculates statics (mean, n, stdev…), create pivot tables and generate graphs.

Fully configurable

Biocorpora is fully configurable to fit your own organisation. You can manage any type of results for screening (single point, dose response, IC50, EC50, Ki, EMax…), physico chemical properties, ADME (permeability, solubility, protein binding…), characterization. This type of configuration can be done in the web interface by users themselves.

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