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Biocorpora on the Cloud: ideal for projects and start-up enterprises.You need a state-of-the-art knowledge management solution? but you do not have enough internal resources to administer the hardware and the software? drugdesigntech provides Biocorpora as a Service: you have access to the most...
You want to start managing your information with a professional tool, but you do not have too much time to invest to start a new IT project?We have built several Biocorpora templates for several fields: NCE, proteins, monoclonal antibodies. You receive a preconfigured virtual machine or Oracle...
Biocorpora was designed with in mind the fact that each biotech is different. It offers a variety of options to configure and customize the database. Configuration is available for the Entreprise Browser and Enterprise Repository levels.
Project and Enterprise-Knowledge Management solutions for NBE and NCE discovery.Biocorpora is the most advanced knowledge management solution for biologics therapeutics. You can register and organize all the data generated for proteins, monoclonal antibodies,hybridoma, vaccines and many more...
Biocorpora NBE provides unique decision support and data management tools for researchers working on biological therapeutics including recombinant proteins, vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies.Biocorpora for NBE is a version of Biocorpora dedicated to the management of biological therapeutics,...

We like Biocorpora’s flexibility that enables us to use the same tool to report experimental results for biologics and chemicals.

Christophe Betton, Principal Scientist, Merck Serono

Biocorpora was easily integrated within our existing infrastructure. Now it provides our scientists with a simple, world-wide access to our experimental data.

Dr. Veit Ulshöfer, Director, Global Head of Research Informatics, Merck Serono

We have found in Biocorpora a comprehensive solution to store and share all our scientific information. We are delighted to work with a partner that truly enables state-of-the-art knowledge management in a small biotech like Genkyotex.

Dr. Patrick Page, CSO, Genkyotex

Informatics on a Cloud : Web Portal to Cheminformatics

Drugdesigntech offers full access to Biocorpora through a state-of-the-art web portal. This secure data centre access gives small research groups professional knowledge management tools designed around their NBE and NCE needs without the need for dedicated admin and in-house equipment.

All barriers all removed - it is quick and intuitive to use, just upload your data and you have the best informatics tools at your fingertips.