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Data without order is simply loose information. On the other hand organizing data properly and for the long term is not an easy task. That is why we offer comprehensive data organization and processing services.

Our software design approach is to develop and enhance Biocorpora based on the feedback we receive from the community of our customers.

Biocorpora on the Cloud is a perfect solution for start-up enterprises and projects, providing industry-grade software at low cost.

Data management usually requires a huge initial investment and a high total cost of ownership. This is the single most often cited reason why startups will not invest in a data management solution, even if they feel they should.

You believe that it is time to start managing your information with a professional tool. But do you really have enough time to invest in a new IT project?

Drugdesigntech delivers out-of-the box solutions. Yet they can be customized for your own project.

quote We like Biocorpora’s flexibility that enables us to use the same tool to report experimental results for biologics and chemicals.

Christophe Betton, Principal Scientist, Merck Serono

quote Biocorpora was easily integrated within our existing infrastructure. Now it provides our scientists with a simple, world-wide access to our experimental data.

Dr. Veit Ulshöfer, Director, Global Head of Research Informatics, Merck Serono

quote We have found in Biocorpora a comprehensive solution to store and share all our scientific information. We are delighted to work with a partner that truly enables state-of-the-art knowledge management in a small biotech like Genkyotex.

Dr. Patrick Page, CSO, Genkyotex