nanoFor a decade we’ve been talking about the potential of molecular biology to increase our understanding of disease mechanisms.

Biomarkers research supports a multitude of clinical approaches like molecular diagnostics, micro-array technologies, protein expression quantification and thus, can include all diagnostic ‘-omics’ layers, or any other objective phenotypic measures of a person’s health status.

Drugdesigntech uses advanced bioinformatics methods to identify molecular biomarkers signatures and to suggest the mechanism of a disease or to monitor health status and therapy success.

Drugdesigntech services can help you to:

  • map differentially expressed genes onto known biological pathways in order to identify related pathways, removing false-positive genes
  • use gene expression techniques to find relevant biomarkers and give greater insight into the mechanisms of disease
  • identify pathways targeted by a compound (drug effects) and the specific compound interactions (drug’s mode of action-MoA)
  • capture the complexity of drug activity in cells and identify compounds with similar MoA, or acting on the same pathway
  • incorporate existing biological knowledge by considering known pathways rather than individual biomarkers.

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