Data management usually requires a huge initial investment and a high total cost of ownership. This is the single most often cited reason why startups will not invest in a data management solution, even if they feel they should.

Drugdesigntech has significantly lowered the up-front and recurring costs to offer professional solutions to emerging companies.

Biocorpora and Scaligner were designed and our dedicated services were priced to enable start-up companies and academic projects to manage their data with industry-grade products and services at low cost from the beginning of their project.

Our customers concentrate their resources on producing relevant data, not on IT.

They find it also easier to find partners and investors as they are able to show the data they have been generating with seed funds.

In practice, solutions are installed the cloud, hosted, and backed up by Drugdesigntech in its premises to avoid the need for a dedicated database specialist on your site. We provide consultancy services on a time basis, which allows you to pay specialists in data management only when you need them.

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