Bioinformatics is the computer-assisted data management discipline that helps in gathering, storing, and analyzing existing data in order to better understand processes in the healthy and disease states and speed up and enhance biological researches.

Drugdesigntech offers a suite of services in order to facilitate such efforts for:

  • small molecules and sequences,
  • pathways analysis and biological networks,
  • next-generation sequencing data.


  • Create data mining tools that are capable of retrieving the desired information from the massive databases (physical properties, chemical attributes, target information, experimental results,..).
  • Integrate the chemical information from numerous publicly databases such as DrugBank, PubChem, ChEMBL, or FDA public lists with your own information.
  • Integrate the sequence and biological information from various sources and entities: proteins, rna, biological networks.
  • Facilitate the capture of published biomedical knowledge, publications or social media sources.


  • Create in-house databases to store existing or novel chemicals, together with their chemical structure, physiochemical properties and other related data.
  • Maintain a knowledge warehouse for efficient sharing of resources, data, compounds and drugs.
  • Easy-to-use framework with good search performance (search by chemical substructure, CAS number, properties).
  • Support any kind of entities (from single compounds to mixtures).
  • Self-updating system with regular reevaluation of the information assets.


  • Analyze, model and predict the molecular properties and biological activities of compounds.
  • Identify similarities and connections with known chemical substances.
  • List comprehensive target information in addition to chemical attributes.
  • Suggest potential mechanisms of action, pathway or new indication extension areas.
  • Identify potential threatening side effects.