Scaligner is not only a sequences alignment and analyzing tool but also Scaligner gives to researchers the ability to keep sequences in a long-term secure database.

Scaligner : organizing sequences in lists to preserve the project’s history and to provide a comprehensive review of your data.

Sequences can be exported and annotated to Excel or FASTA files. Scaligner also enables scientists to organize sequences in lists. Processed data are structured to allow fast retrieval and to be reprocessed if needed. On-demand access to data is granted and scientists have all the history of the project in mind. Scaligner provides a perfect picture for the project and helps to prioritize decisions and coordinate team work.

Sequences lists can be easily managed, duplicated, renamed, changed or deleted. Access to the lists is controlled and defined by administrators.

Scaligner : archiving sequences in a secure database with controlled access

Giving people only the access they need is primordial. You need to control access to the information; you need to decide who can see the data and who can change it.

Scaligner provides a security system for protecting your data. A secured access control ensures that authenticated users access only what they are authorized to and no more.

Scaligner can secure access to both specific project and functionalities.

One can define collection of users or group of users, and assign permissions to these groups. Each user is then allowed or disallowed to perform operations in the database or to access a specific project.

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