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Biocorpora | Project reporting

Scientists are often overwhelmed by the complexity of scientific software tools and feel they have to know far too many different packages to perform relatively simple data analysis and decision making tasks within their respective research projects.

Biocorpora provides tools to organize and report your data, the way you need it, when you need it.

Project organization

You can organize substances in a hierarchy of folders.

For example: in the monoclonal antibody world the first level of folders could be the target, then the second level would be the selection step (there can be several selections to find an antibody specific for a target), then for each monoclonal antibody of interest you can create a third level containing all surrogates used in preclinical development.

In the small molecule world the first level of project would be again a target, the second level is the chemical series, and if needed, there can be a third level for each variation of the chemical series.

Of course this organization is yours and you define your own rules.

Project reporting

Beyong the basic functionality of browsing substances one after each other, Biocorpora can prepare summary reports for a project.

It takes all the substances of a project, retrieve all the production, biological data, characterization for those substances, aggregate them (averages, statistics) and pivoted them to present a large table with all your data.


Target A

Kd (pM)

Target B

Kd (pM)

Target C

Kd (pM)



 TWLDRFG 1.25.6 > 100
 TQDRFG 102 > 100
 TWLDRFG 3.4> 100 > 100
 TWLDRFG > 100   N
 TWLDRFG > 100

In the chemistry world, this table is called a Structure-Activity Relationship table.